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CNF, CN, CF, and SV Series Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers
Tartarini CNF, CN, CF, and SV Series heat exchangers are sized and designed to meet a large range of system requirements, and include all connections for accessories.
FA and FAG Series Cartridge Filters
Filters are intended to screen out larger pieces of foreign particles, often present in the gases or particularly during theinitial stages of operation of newly laid pipes, to minimize damage to valves, pressure regulators, and meters.
OS Series Pilots for Shutoff Valves
Tartarini OS Series are spring-loaded pneumatic pilots for shutoff devices.
PRX Series Pilots
Tartarini PRX Series pilots are mainly used in natural gas, air, or other non-corrosive gas applications.

PS and RE Series Pilots
Tartarini PS and RE Series are pilots designed for low and high pressure regulators.


Types SR, SRS, STP, and STL Silencers for Pressure Regulator Installations
Tartarini Types SR, SRS, STP, and STL silencers are used to reduce the noise level in pressure regulators and gas pressure regulating installations.

VFA Series Butterfly Valves

Tartarini VFA Series butterfly valves are wafer flangeless type and are used typically in gas reducing stations for an on-off service.

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